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Pranas Lapé

(brief biography & article, Lithuanian Quarterly)

(article from Maine Times by Edgar Allen Beem)

(photos of the artist's escape from Nazi-occupied Norway)


"As the Lithuanian saying goes, 'one who jumps into a puddle, does not come out of it dry,'
so it is with me. I was born in Lithuania, and I will always remain Lithuanian,
even when I happen to be living on the other side of the lake."



Pranas Lapé with detail of his painting of the Cove (see below)




Long Cove Point




Close-up detail of Long Cove Point painting (above)




Study for painting of Nell Hendry



Sketch of Arthur Tukey




Artist with canvas






Pranas Lapé at Chamberlain Farewell Party



oil painting - 36" x 48" (before 1985)
Private Collection




oil and collage - 14" x 14" Private Collection



with fellow artist, Albin Elskus





Private Collection





Detail of a larger painting
Private Collection





acrylic - 20" x 30" (1987) Private Collection





oil 18" x 24" (ca. 1982) Private Collection




20" x 26" (early 1980s) Private Collection
[Subject matter described as Indian woman with lost ring and fish]





The artist's cottage on the Cove (center)




The artist returns to Lithuania

Lapé at a church in Vilnius


Lapé receiving the Order of the
Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas


The artist in Vilnius, 2009

The artist's sister, Zita


in Vilnius, Lithuania