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Albinas Elskus


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(brief biography, Lithuanian Quarterly)

"You can actually suspend an image in mid-air. You cannot find any other material that does that."

Cover of the Stained Glass Quarterly, 2001
Chapel-Mausoleum in Gate of Heaven Cemetery

(read article based on Elskus' 2001 lecture)

Chapel-Mausoleum in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, 52 mosaics
completed in 8 years (East Hanover, New Jersey)

Chapel-Mausoleum in Gate of Heaven Cemetery

"...the largest project of my life...
I thought the angels should be soaring to give life to this place of death."

Original sketch for sandblasted clear window - 40' x 25'

Chapel-Mausoleum in Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Stained Glass Window

Pilchuck School of Glass.

Elskus taught painting on glass and was an artist in residence.

The panel measures 71" x 30" and is kiln-fired plate glass.

Albin Elskus at home in Chamberlain, Maine

First published in 1980, republished in 2000

obituary with photos from book

Albin Elskus with one of his windows
Chapel, Miles Memorial Hospital

Damariscotta, Maine

Church of St. Elizabeth
Ann Seton, first American-

born saint, (1983)

Eclipse #2
enamel on glass
- 12.5" x 36.5"

enamel on glass - 20" x 16"

image used for postcard for retrospective at
Round Top Center for the Arts in Damariscotta, ME

enamel on glass
"I hope to do some way-out panels on my own."

Back Cove - watercolor - 14.5 x 11" (1987)
Private Collection

Four Dancers - 11" x 14" (1997)
Private Collection

Nude - Eve and Apple detail
Sam Maloof Collection

Watercolor - 6" x 7" (ca. 2002)
Private Collection

Watercolor - 10" x 12.5" (ca. 1990)
Private Collection

Albin Elskus Memorial Jigsaw Puzzle
From the Stained Glass Association of America