Long Cove Point Association

Club Rental Form

Indemnification Agreement

AGREEMENT made and entered into this___day of ___________, 20___, by and between the Long Cove Point Association, ChamberlainL, Maine (hereinafter referred to as the“Association”) and
_________________________________________of____________________, (hereinafter referred to as the“Member”),

Whereas the Association has agreed to allow the Member the use of the Association’s clubhouse for a period
beginning at __________ (time) the __________(day) of _______________ (month) 20 ________

for the purpose of_____________________
(type of event). This rental period should include time needed for set up and take down.

Whereas the use of the facility may involve other persons unknown to the Association and may or may not be members of the Association and over whom the Association will have no control; and

Whereas the Member, as part of its agreement for the use of the premises, has and hereby confirms that it does agree to accept full responsibility for the actions of all guests and participants, invited or otherwise,

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the agreement by the Association to allow the Member use of the premises for the period mentioned above, the Member agrees as follows:

1. To inspect and accept the premises in the condition as is and as equipped.

2. To accept full responsibility for any and all damage to the premises caused by the Member or any guests or others present.

3. To indemnify and hold harmless the Association, its directors, officers and members from any and all liability arising out of the use of the premises by the Member, its guests or others present, including both on the premises and any off premises liability, whether related directly or indirectly from the Member’s use of the premises.

4. To report to the Association any and all damages, injury or other incidents, which may cause or involve injury or property damage to any person or property of the Association or any guest or others present. The Member acknowledges that the Association has not and will not insure the planned activity.

5. To leave the premises and all associated property and equipment in the condition in which it was accepted. An itemized list of such accompanies this form and will require initailizing by the Member.

Cost of rental: $200 for first day, $150 for subsequent days. A refundable damage deposit of $150 is also to be included in a separate check. This will be returned when the club house is left per rental checklist.

Dated_______________________, 20____ Long Cove Point Association, Inc.

Member: _________________________________ (Signature)
Address:____________________________________________ _______________________________________________
Telephone Number:___________________________________ Email:________________________________________________